This web app is deisgned to perform power calculations for DNA methylation studies using the Illumina EPIC microarray as described in Mansell et al. 2018.

The recommended significance threshold for DNA methylation association analyses is P < 9.42x10-8 as determined from a permutation analysis.

Users should note that the calculation will assume that for a given smaple size, 50% cases and 50% controls.

To increase the efficiency of the calculation, sites are binned by their variance and a smoothed curve is plotted. For more accurate plots you can increase the number of bins, but the calculations will take longer and the server may time out. Note that the line should always be decreasing monotonically, if it is not increase the number of bins (this is due to the smoothing function only).

User Inputs

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Download the plotted values. Please note for this to work you need to run a power calculation first.

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